I think the Vacuum Sucked Up Her Waist

vintagefit vacuum image

The slim silhouette is not just on the Hoover vacuum.  Look at her hand. Look at her waist.  Her waist and her hand are the same size!

I am 99% sure the ad agency graphics guys were all male.

She looks like she is having fun jumping around the house with her Hoover. But I can think of better ways to work out.




Why Stout People Can’t Wear New Styles

In the 1920s styles changes.  Hems went up and silhouettes slimmed. Hucksters tried to make a buck off the new style.  This vintage ad shows a woman supposedly before and after after using the slimming treatment being sold.

If you are out of shape, you can’t get fit in 2 weeks.  But you can start to get fit in 2 weeks. Here’s how: Work out.  Eat right.  Repeat.

No need to waste your money on a fad.