Vintage Exercise Equipment

Slimming product image

“A joyous way to perfect health” in just 5 minutes a day.  Hmmm.  Using these contraptions does not look like it would bring much “joy.”  I think the little girl would have more fun doing real “river sculling” whatever that is.

The headline’s main selling point is that the products are SAFE for women and girls.

Even back then, companies aimed advertising at young girls telling them they needed to buy special equipment to get slim.

I wonder if these things ended up in the garage back then like they do now after people get tired of them and quit. They didn’t have Craig’s List back then, so how did they dispose of unused exercise equipment?

Such contraptions were a waste of money then, just as their modern counterparts are today. Join a gym or just get off your butt and go out walking on a consistent basis!

And please, don’t ask your kid to do this type of thing.




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