Cig Companies Play on Fat Fear



Many vintage ads objectify women in horrifying ways. But this cigarette ad using the fear of fat crosses the line from annoying to shameless and unethical.  The headline asks: “Is this where you want to be five years from now?” The implication is that if you want to avoid looking like the obese shadow drawn behind the diver, you better start smoking. Perhaps cigarette companies did not fully know the health implications of smoking back then.  Perhaps. But this ad is a warning: you cannot trust companies trying to sell you slenderness with a product.  Do your own research. The best way to become fit and stay fit is to eat right and exercise.



Winter Exercise: Skating!

When your blades sail along the ice, you feel like you are flying. Ice skating hasn’t changed that much over the years.  Once you get over the wobbles and gain confidence, there is nothing like it.  Love these old images.  Hope they inspire you to go to the rink or out on a lake if you are lucky enough to live near an outdoor skating venue. (Click on a pic to see larger image.)

Hit the New Year on the Right Foot

Lego Fitness Girl shows you how to get going with the New Year. Attitude is all.

No Namby Pamby Workouts For Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, exercise guru for decades, doesn’t believe in namby pamby workouts.