When You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

This lovely lady leaping looks fabulous . . . . but that’s not all: she feels fabulous, too. Fitness leads to strength and beauty not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.


Your goals motivate you. So when you feel too lazy to go work out, think about not just a toned body, but an empowered mind and soul. Imagine feeling like you can do anything.

Don’t Mope: Go Jump Rope


We’ve all been there: upset and caught in a loop of despair. You feel like this photo of Bette Davis.  You drop on the bed and obsess. Or worse, go on a binge—eating, drinking.  The best thing to clear your head? Go work out. Now, it won’t be easy at first. The law of physics, after all, says things at rest stay at rest.  You gotta get up the will power to get moving. But once you do, it gets easier. Things in motion stay in motion! After the work out, you won’t feel like Bette looks.

Buff Obama

Buff Obama

My favorite thing about Michelle is her buff biceps. She is smart, hardworking, and articulate, with degrees from Princeton University and Harvard Law School and an impressive resume. But the biceps are icing on the cake. I love how even in her 50s she can rock short-sleeved fashion. Her muscles symbolize her strength and determination. We all know it takes effort and dedication to work out on a regular basis. And if she can do it with all she has had on her plate while in the public eye, then the rest of us can try to do the same.