Aqua in Hawaii (in my mind)


When I do aqua fitness in the pool at my gym, I pretend I am in Hawaii. I’m lucky enough to have an outdoor pool with a view of palm trees.  Enjoy the water workout in your pool while you let your mind drift off to an exotic location. Then aqua becomes a work out for your body and soul.

How to Put Crystals on a Hat

bling hat

Aqua Fitness is a great way to keep fit, especially in the summer. But you definitely need a hat, and it’s fun to show off bling hats in your aqua class. I recently wrote a post on my Aqua Awesome blog about how to apply hotfix crystals to a hat. Hop on over to to see this and other posts about aqua fitness.  I show you what you need to apply sparkles such as Swarovski crystals to a hat. The same method can be used to bling a shirt or bling shoes.  You use a tool called a hotfix applicator that lets you apply crystals that stay on without any sticky glue. Make exercise fun with this craft.