When You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

This lovely lady leaping looks fabulous . . . . but that’s not all: she feels fabulous, too. Fitness leads to strength and beauty not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.


Your goals motivate you. So when you feel too lazy to go work out, think about not just a toned body, but an empowered mind and soul. Imagine feeling like you can do anything.

Vintage Fit



Welcome! I hope you find Vintage Fit amusing and motivational.

I am a graphic designer in Claremont CA.

I designed our lovely lady on the left with the barbells.   The image on the right is from on a old Life magazine article.

I like to put an ironic twist on vintage ads and photos and create my own retro artwork. One of my clients is a women’s gym, and I found women get a kick out of seeing sexist advertising turned on its face.

Some of my artwork is available on merchandise in my Zazzle shop.

I welcome ideas for new graphics. The online portfolio for my freelance graphic design business in Claremont can be found at this link.