Don’t Mope: Go Jump Rope


We’ve all been there: upset and caught in a loop of despair. You feel like this photo of Bette Davis.  You drop on the bed and obsess. Or worse, go on a binge—eating, drinking.  The best thing to clear your head? Go work out. Now, it won’t be easy at first. The law of physics, after all, says things at rest stay at rest.  You gotta get up the will power to get moving. But once you do, it gets easier. Things in motion stay in motion! After the work out, you won’t feel like Bette looks.

Squats in the Sand Retro Style



Not sure their form is perfect, but these lovelies are enjoying the sand and surf with squats. Why they are being led by a bald man in a suit with street shoes and argyle socks . . . who is to say?  I see a life ring in the back, just in case those rugged waves are too much.  I love vintage photos, but I do lament that they are pretty much lily white.  Still inspiring though.

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